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Camber Sands Beach Family Lifestyle Photography

Here’s my ‘Single frame’ – a teaser from a fun filled Camber Sands beach family lifestyle photography session. It takes very little to convince me to spend a morning photographing by the sea, and even less so when it’s Camber Sands!

John Starns Photography-8784

I arrived early (I’m always early!) as I like to have a wander round the location where I am shooting, even though I know Camber very well, it’s something I like to do. It’s quite an acheivement to be the first to arrive at the car park on a sunny Summer’s day knowing that it won’t be that empty for long!

After a stroll across the sands, I return to the car to see the family arrive complete with dog, and we begin the climb up the side of the dunes and have our first collective glimpse of the sea almost half a mile away at low tide.

Sometimes on a lifestyle shoot I’m asked ‘What do you want us to do?’ and my response is always ‘just be yourself’ which I appreciate isn’t very helpful, but it’s exactly what will help create fantastic, relaxed family photographs. We wander, we chat, get to know each other, all without me pointing a camera until I am satified that everyone is comfortable with the situation and only then will I begin the session. This family totally ‘got’ the concept of lifestyle photography, ignoring me and racing off across the golden sands as if I wasn’t there.

I love this shot of the family strolling across the sand flats towards the sea, and particularly like the way the light plays on the wet sand and the shallow waters, and the fact that there’s not another being in sight!

This ‘Single frame’ is one of my favourite images of the mornings shoot (there will be more to come when I feature the shoot fully, later in the year).

There are plenty more shoots which haven’t yet made it to the blog, so please do visit often and you’d like me to photograph your family call me on 07790 634140 to discuss or use the contact form.

John Starns, Family Photographer, Camber Sands


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