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Child Photographer Paris – A Little Slice of History …

Teen Photographer Paris

CHild Photographer Paris

Those of you who are regular visitors to the blog may well remember Hermione’s 11th Birthday portraits – the last 12 months have passed by in a flash!

This time we headed off for Paris to shoot Portraits to celebrate Hermione’s 12th Birthday. We arrived late afternoon on a cold February Saturday and wound our way through the crowds of the Champs-Élysées, past the Arc de Triomphe and meandered through the back streets towards The Seine, and beyond La Tour Eiffel

I shoot a lot of Lifestyle Portrait sessions and have many clients who commission me on a regular basis to photograph their families as they grow. They really appreciate the value of photographing their children as they develop from babies to toddlers, children to teenagers, and consequently may enlist my services as much as two or three of times in a year. Lots of parents aren’t aware of the the barely perceptible changes in the appearance of their offspring as they develop and i must admit, I didn’t think there would be much of a difference between Hermione’s 11th and 12th Birthday portraits. But there is a difference. Look at the Hastings shoot and Hermione looks younger, more innocent looking perhaps, and her face is rounder. In the Paris portraits, she looks more mature, slightly more confident and well, just older, and that’s over the course of just 12 months.  

I love photographing children and families because each time I shoot I am creating a little slice of history. Melodramatic? No, I don’t think so. Amongst my most treasured possessions are photographs of my Grandfathers as young men. They are gorgeous, professional photographs, printed to stand the test of time, just like the exhibition quality framed images that I supply. I’d love to think of my some of my portaits being discovered in a dusty attic in a hundred years time!

The most poignant praise I have received was from one mother who described the photographs I was handing over to her as ‘future heirlooms’. I’d never thought of my work like that before, but now it is something that is never far from my mind whenever I deliver new work to clients. 

So, do you like what you see and want me to photograph your loved ones? No problem, just use the contact form or give me a call on 07790 634140 to have an informal, no obligation chat – come on, let’s create a little slice of history!

Teen Photographer ParisTeen Photographer ParisTeen Photographer ParisTeen Photographer ParisTeen Photographer ParisJohn Starns Photography-procomp6Teen Photographer ParisTeen Photographer Paris


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