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Family shoot FAQs

Family Shoot FAQs

What is your photographic style and approach? I’m very relaxed in my approach to people photography.
As a father of two I know what makes kids tick (and how to get the best out of them) so whether it’s hyperactive toddlers or moody adolescents, when it comes to capturing their true personalities, I will always get the shots that tell your story.

How long do shoots take? Most sessions take between 90 minutes to a couple of hours and are shot using natural light at a location of your choice. This can be at the beach at low tide, in your back garden, a leisurely stroll through the city, in the middle of a poppy field, or at a local beauty spot – the choice is yours. If you can’t think of a location, then ask me, I know loads of great places to shoot.

What should we wear? I am no fashion expert, but I do know that you should wear casual clothes that you feel comfortable in and that you feel reflect your personality. I’m quite keen on children choosing their own clothes for the shoot, but would always advise that you bring a change of clothes – just in case! Here’s a useful post that I wrote about what clothes to wear to a family shoot.

Can we bring toys along? Props such as a favourite teddy or a football are a great idea. I love a good kick about. Encourage your children to bring along something that means a lot to them and that says something about them, so kites, skateboards, bikes, guitars, model aeroplanes, and anything else you fancy.

What will we do on the shoot? Shoots may involve lot of jumping, swinging, hopping, splashing, wandering, giggling, climbing, exploring, and laughing (all at no extra cost). I positively encourage tomfoolery. This all comes quite naturally to children and because I shoot on location they will find it very easy to relax, have fun and be themselves.

How long will it be until I see my photographs? I will edit around 60 of the best images ready for the viewing session which takes place in the comfort of your own home (on my large screen Mac) around two weeks after the shoot. This is the best part of the process for me – I love ‘in person sales’ rather than creating an online gallery (as most photographers do) as I get to see your precious reactions to my work first hand, which I find really rewarding (and a little humbling if I’m honest!) I’m also there to give you advice on the best way to display your photographs, show you frame samples and to answer any questions you may have.

Can I see the images in black and white and colour? I normally show a combination of images, but if there is a particular shot you’d like to see in either black and white or colour, that can be done easily at the viewing.

How much do your pictures cost? Please see the products section for details of the various frames, canvases and other display media that are available, or contact me for a detailed price list.

What is Family lifestyle Photography? I’m glad you asked – I wrote a brief explantion here

To learn more about family lifestyle photography or to book me to photograph your family, please call me on 07790 634140, email or fill in the contact form