Family Photographer Camber Sands

Family Photographer Camber Sands

My first shoot of the Spring got off to a flying start on a sunny Sunday as a Family Photographer Camber Sands. An early departure is often par for the course when photographing children, so after a drive across the Romney Marsh we meet on a largely deserted beach save for a few dog walking couples and the odd jogger hoping to beat their personal best.

Today it’s a Kids photo shoot for Archie and Noah who I have know but who I haven’t seen for a couple of years. They have grown almost out of all recognition in that time.

Both Archie and Noah love this place, as do I, so it seems like the natural choice for their shoot. They come, kite and football in hand, ready for action. We are going to have fun; we’re definitely going to jump off some high dunes. Pippa, their mum is hoping that we won’t have to spend anytime in the local A&E, as it’s really not that local …

We head off into the dunes, Archie, Noah and I climbing ever higher until we reach the summit, when the fun really begins.

What is it about being by the sea that makes us feel so relaxed, content, at peace – just plain glad to be alive? Maybe it’s the much quoted fact that we are composed mainly of water, or that we just love to feel the sand between our toes? Either way, it’s undeniable that there is a feel-good factor attached to being close to the sea.

For anyone contemplating booking a shoot with me, this collection of images gives you a good idea of the variety of photographs you can expect from a two hour shoot. I ended up showing around 50 images to the client, which is a pretty accurate average.

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment, ask questions or call me on 07790 634140 or use the contact form to book your own shoot.

Family Photographer Camber Sands






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