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Party Photographer Essex – Vicky’s 40th

Party Photographer Essex

Party photographer Essex

“Oh my goodness, I have received the USB John Starns, and I am consumed with utter joy at your brilliant capture of all that took place. My heart is beating fast with happiness at being able to relive it all. Thank you, a thousand times thank you. Needless to say I will be face booking them asap! Vicky” 

It’s true to say that I had been looking forward to photographing Vicky’s birthday party for quite a few months, because it was going to be so different from the parties that I normally photograph. Most of the celebrations that I am asked along to capture are vast affairs. Hundreds of guests. Lots of running around worrying whether I have captured everyone. This was going to be a more relaxed affair. 40th birthday party. Beautiful Essex countryside. Boutique Hotel (the gorgeous Malmaison Talbooth in Dedham near Colchester). Stunning late summer’s day. Just 20 guests. Perfect!

Party Photographer EssexI arrived mid afternoon (I am always early!) at which time mosts guests had already checked into their rooms (there are just 12!) and were enjoying the sunshine accompanied by afternoon tea at the pool house.

Party Photographer EssexParty Photographer EssexParty guests relax with drinks by a poolJohn Starns Photography-6384Female party guest converses Two party guests chatMan in sunglasses chats to a friendTwo female party guests chat while drinking champagneThere was champagne (lots of champagne!) cakes, presents, balloons and a relaxed, laid back atmosphere.

Afternoon tea is served in a pool houseA selection of fancy cakes on a plateClose up of a pink iced cakeSlices of Battenberg cake on a plateCakes on cakestands

Birthday girl opens presents while friend looks onBirthday girl shows present to friendsMale party guests share a beerParty guest shades her eyes from the sunGirl with large present hugs friendGirl with a large present greets a friendParty guests chat by the poolFemale friends enjoy the sunny weatherBearded man enjoys a beerLady in pink dress open a big presentFour tennis rackets on a sofaThen it was games time. Tennis and croquet to be exact – very British!

Two men in tennis gearTwo men play tennisThree shots of tennis playersMale Tennis player servesFriends play croquet in the sunCroquet players in front of a country hotelFemale in tennis gear runs towards cameraMan in tennis gear stands by the netMan serves a tennis ball while his partner waits for the returnFemale tennis player waits for the serveTwo females sit on a bench and share a jokeFour tennis players pose for the cameraThe Boys won (but only just!)

Freinds share a glass of champagneFemale part goer waves to a friendFemale sits while her friend does her hairThe shadows grew longer and by late afternoon everyone retired to their rooms to get ready for the evenings festivities.

Birthday girl sits in hotel room while hair and make up is attended toFemale party goers applies mascara in mirrorTwo female friends pose for cameraTwo female friends smile at each otherFriends meet by a pool houseOnce every one had changed into their glamorous evening attire, the guests and the birthday girl met up at the pool house once more for an early evening champagne reception.

One female and two male party guests poseFemale party guest smiles at cameraParty guest pose for a photograph by the poolParty guests fool aroundMan and lady in evening dress pose for the camera

Three female party guests in evening dress

Three pairs of female legs and high heeled shoes!

Then this happened …

Man in red dress throws his arms in the air

Oarty guests are entertained by man in red dressMan in red dress and lady in sequine d dressParty guest follow their entertainer down a gravel pathBefore long it was time for dinner back at the house …

Menu for party mealOne female and two male friends enjoy a selfieHappy 40th written on a heart shaped chalk boardPhotobooth signBirthday girl sits at her place at the tableName card with Vicky written on itParty guest in evening dress smiles for the cameraParty guests enjoy dinner seated at a large tableTwo female guests pose for a friends camera

Man and lady party guest pose for a selfie

Oh, and then this happened …

Female guest and male entertainer in 80Man in 80Before long it was disco time!

Three party guests pose for the cameraFemale party guests on the dance floorMale and female party guests on the dance floorParty guests pose for a photoMale and female guest pose for camera

Happy 40th birthday Vicky!

I can honestly say that this has been one of the most enjoyable parties of 2015. I travel all over the South of England, quite a bit of Europe and occasionally further afield, so if you are looking for a party photographer to capture your special occasion anywhere in the UK (or beyond!) then please call 07790 634140, email or use the contact form. We will get back to you ASAP.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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