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Happy Halloween! Here’s one of my favourite Photographer Hythe Kent shoots from the archives .

Hugo broke his collarbone playing football and the resulting operation required the addition of a metal plate and six screws to hold the fractured clavicle in place while it healed, and left a lengthy scar as a memento of the event.

I needed a something a little out of the ordinary as a backdrop for this portrait and by chance happened to see a TV programme about the Crypt at Saint Leonards Church in Hythe, Kent. It is one of only two ossuaries to be found in the whole of the UK and is a very special (if slightly spooky!) place.

The Friends of Saint Leonards Church who look after the Crypt allowed me the unique opportunity to shoot this portrait with a backdrop of 2000 skulls, each with their own characteristics. Thank you to them and if you find yourself in Kent with time to spare please do go and visit, it’s fascinating!

Not all my shoots are this gruesome of course, so if you are looking for a Family Lifestyle Portrait Photographer or Party Photographer in Kent (or beyond!) please use the contact form or call 07790 634140 – thanks!

John Starns, Photographer Hythe Kent



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