Tan and white dog running toward camera with couple in the background

Family Photography Colchester

Here’s a shot from a lovely Family Photography Colchester shoot that really makes me smile in these difficult times. WC Fields suggested that we Never work with children and animals, but I actually enjoy it. Yes, of course it’s a challenge – you need patience, persistence, tenacity and, of course, a good sense of humour to be a successful family photographer, but I find it immensely rewarding and satisfying.

This session was such fun to capture and very typical of my family shoots. We met up on a sunny Sunday morning having previously agreed that we would take a leisurely stroll through some local woods with Lara, Jacob, their dogs and Mum (who didn’t want to appear in the photographs, which is absolutely fine, by the way). Most people aren’t naturals in front of the camera. Most of us aren’t models. The first half an hour of any shoot is spent getting to know the members of the family I am going to photograph. We amble along chatting during which time I will get the children in particular to engage with me. If it’s a location that I haven’t been to before I will be on the lookout for great backgrounds to shoot against and of course, great light (what every photographer needs!) Once I think everyone is ‘warmed up’ and ready to be photographed out comes the camera (and not before). The rest is quite literally, a walk in the park!

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Want to see more of my Family photography? Your wish is my command – take a look here – enjoy!

Brother and sister sit on a bench with their two pet dogs

A girl plays on a rope swing while her brother stands alongside

Young girl and her dog

Two dogs run towards camera while their two owners stand in the backgroundBrother and sister portrait

Boy on rope swing

Girl and boy sit on a log with their two dogsDog in dappled sunlight


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