Oxfordshire Party Photographer

Oxfordshire Party Photographer

Are you looking for an Oxfordshire Party Photographer to capture your special occasion? Well look no further!

I have been using my time wisely during the Corona virus epidemic and recently explored my enormous archive of party images. This is an old favourite that I must admit, I had forgotten about.

The home of the birthday hosts lay deep in the Oxfordshire countryside in a grand stately home. Guests were directed to a field nearby where they parked their cars, then they were transported in quirky rickshaws along the tree lined avenue to the house. This particular moment was captured just before dusk as guests arrived at the party. This is probably my favourite time of the evening. It’s probably the most difficult stage of the party to capture as guests are arriving and they’re not always that happy to be photographed. Some are, others not. I like it best when guests completely ignore me and enjoy the party, which was what happened here. My style of party photography is often referred to as documentary  or reportage photography. This simply means that I observe and capture the occasion without intervening or orchestrating in any way. I am happy to arrange group shots where requested, but left to my own devices I like nothing more than to fade into the background and watch the evening evolve through the lens of my camera.

This party was shot at the families home, but if you are stuck for a location for your special occasion, take a look at my list of favourite venues.



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