Party Photography Quaglino'sParty Photography Quaglino’s

Here’s a particularly favourite image from my Party Photography Quaglino’s. It’s also this week’s Friday favourite – an occasional series of single images of mine that I especially like.

This capture was made at a Hollywood themed birthday party (hence the Spiderman character in the background!) immediately after dinner. Sometimes this can be a lull in the proceedings as dinner has finished but dancing hasn’t yet commenced. I never pose party guests so my work is very much in the documentary style – I walk around and photograph exactly what I see. On this occasion, I was mingling amongst the guests looking out for something beautiful and I suppose I was simply in the right place at the right time. I absolutely love the poise of this elegant party guest, combined with her wide eyed gaze. It’s quite an uncomplicated image, but for me it’s one of those moments where composition, light and the right moment combine to result in a successful image. I only took photograph of this glamorous lady, preferring to wait for the right moment rather than machine gunning on ‘continuous’ mode.

Quaglino’s is one of my favourite London restaurants and therefore makes my list of UK party venues – take a look at the others here.


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